Lokoma and spo-comm - Having one’s tool in the right place

Lokoma GmbH, based in Höchstadt an der Donau, is a medium-sized company and is considered one of the leading suppliers in the field of operating and storage facilities. The traditional family business is not only characterized by 60 years of experience. A standard warranty of 10 years, high quality standards, custom-made products and sustainable customer service are just some of the benefits that customers, prospects and partners can enjoy.

Lokoma's product

If you take a look in Lokoma’s e-catalog, you will quickly notice that the range is characterized by high quality. Both the wide range of products and the modular composition of them guarantee that you will quickly find what you are looking for. Anyone who chooses one of the drawer shelf-based cabinet systems makes an excellent choice. Depending on customer requirements, the drawers can be combined in any number and height. No matter if it is a compartment within the drawers, or even the individual locking of drawers and their compartments, Lokoma meets the individual wishes of everyone. The icing on the shelf systems is the integrated optical display of the storage bins. The user is guided by a touch panel, which, thanks to its intuitively designed software, allows inexperienced users to quickly and transparently access the stored items. The documentation of the access, as well as the granting of individual access rights give the whole the finishing touch.

Product solution from spo-comm

The touch panel is controlled by a Mini-PC, which, as expected, comes straight out of the rows of spo-comm GmbH. The WINDBOX III Evo, which msi ipc has brought to market in cooperation with spo-comm in 2018, serves Lokoma’s racking systems as a rock-solid foundation. Thanks to the fanless cooling system, the industrial computer itself can be installed behind the lock and key without relying on active air circulation. The flat design, as well as the VESA compatibility of the Embedded-PC make it possible to find a suitable place for installation even with limited storage space.

The smoother surface operation of the touch panel is ensured by a standard integrated Intel Core i5 of the seventh generation. If you value a generous memory, you can also upgrade your WINDBOX III Evo with 32 GB of RAM.


The recipe for worry-free storage and operating facilities is made up of Lokoma's solid shelving systems and high-performance as well as fail-safe Mini-PCs made by spo-comm.

If you are not convinced yet, you will find further information on Lokoma’s website and also some information about the WINDBOX III Evo from spo-comm right there:

##Go to Lokoma's website

##Configure your WINDBOX III Evo

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