SmartPixels and spo-comm - Customer Experience 2.0

SmartPixels is a mid-size company from France. At the time of its founding, Julien Berta and Jeremy Verdo's vision was to offer customers a completely new shopping experience. The idea: to give the customer the opportunity to design their own products at one of the most important touchpoints, the physical point of sale. With its augmented display solution, SmartPixels has since brought new life to showcases around the world.

The Augmented Display

With SmartPixels' focus on high value goods, such as perfume, footwear or leather-goods, the goal was to create an augmented display solution from the ground up which is as high-quality and professionally designed as the end-user's products. The minds behind SmartPixels currently hold three patents, which guarantee a globally unique shopping experience through a combination of augmented reality and projection mapping. The key to development for the founders was the satisfaction of high expectations in the luxury goods segment. Accurate projection, as well as the preservation of the material surface during live design, always had priority in the development work of SmartPixels. Well and, surprise surprise, who would have thought that behind the augmented retail of SmartPixels there is a digital signage player from spo-comm.

Customer Experience 2.0 - Which Mini-PC makes the difference?

In order to meet the high demands of the digital signage market, a Mini-PC needs two things: consistent performance and reliability.
The NANO H110 from spo-comm combines exactly those two features and even more. The processing unit is an Intel® Core ™ i3-7100 processor for a smooth application. The Kaby Lake CPU is graphically supported by an Intel® HD Graphics 630 unit. The NANO H110 has capacities for up to 32768 MB of SO-DDR4 RAM. We recommend our customers to use a solid-state drive for a particularly long-lasting and fail-safe operation. In the case of SmartPixels, a 120 GB SSD was sufficient enough.


SmartPixels gives retailers an exclusive shopping experience. The transformation of 3D product data creates highly photo-realistic product visualizations. The possibilities for visualization remain unlimited. In order to make branding more agile, efficient and sustainable, the company relies heavily on digital support to deliver content and ideas across all channels.

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