Christmas countdown - Review of the first quarter

This year, we're brightening up the run-up to Christmas with a special look back. Week by week, we´ll be reviewing 2023, looking back at product highlights and telling you what was going on behind the scenes.

January - a productive start to the year

At the beginning of the year, we launched a new product: the KUMO VI  saw the light of day and has been enriching our product catalogue ever since. With an RTX 3060 GPU, 3840 CUDA cores and the Intel® Core i5-11400H processor, our digital signage star is the perfect companion for all areas of application, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning and many more.


February - farewell NOVA Q170

While we said goodbye to the NOVA Q170, we were already working intensively  on new highlights. Since we optimized our product launch process last year, we have been able to introduce new products even more efficiently and in a more customer-oriented manner.



In March, we said goodbye to another of our Mini-PCs - the WINDBOX III Evo went EOL. However, we in the spo-comm team were prepared and so the WINDBOX III Ultra  was already in the starting blocks. Apart from a few visual changes, nothing has changed for our customers, but the successor scores with its improved performance. Our WINDBOX III Ultra now has a spo-comm logo and is also equipped with a 12th generation Intel® Core i5 processor and a total of four video outputs.

In the last month of this quarter, the aquisa E-Commerce Week also took place again, in which our two marketing employees Chiara and Patricia took part with interest and a thirst for knowledge, as they did last year.


The first quarter was filled with new products for us, so we had less time for internal topics, but the second quarter was a different story. Our trainees went on a little trip, and it was finally time for a spo-comm team day again!


##Discover the KUMO VI

##Discover the WINDBOX III Ultra

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