Windows 10 IoT Enterprise: Licensing policy

True to the motto "the best things come in threes", Microsoft’s new licensing policy is quite simply. With the three license models "Entry", "Value" and "High End", each CPU can now easily be assigned to one of these models.

Speaking a little bit more professionally, the licenses contain three different SKUs (= stock keeping units). Since this sounds a little bit complicated, we translate "SKU" for our purposes simply with “price category”. Does that sound better? Yes, it does.

The advantage of these new price categories is that, especially with "Entry" and "Value", customers receive a full operating system at an unbeatable low price. Find out which of our spo-books can be classified into which of the three price categories "Entry", "Value" and "High End".

Entry: Intel Atom, Pentium (N and J series) and Celeron (N, G, J and 3000 series), AMD V10-V12

Value: Rest of Intel Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5, Core M, AMD V13-V19

High End: Intel Core i7, Xeon and selected AMD FX models, Ryzen 7

All mentioned spo-comm Mini-PCs can from now on be ordered with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

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