Two minis - maximum performance: The FLUKE- & UNO NM10

From March 2013 on, spo-comm again proves that size alone is not enough. Because spo-book FLUKE NM10 and spo-book UNO NM10 are little: UNO's size is about 133 x 33 x 80mm, and it is even topped from FLUKE that is measuring barely 88 x 19 x 138 mm.

Both systems are cooled passively (fanless) and have a solid state disk which means that they do include any moving parts. This stands for additional advantages concerning stability and durability as such constructed systems are much less prone to problems.

On the one hand both mini pcs differ from the size, on the other hand also in the number of connections. While spo-book UNO covers the whole range, FLUKE only offers the essential ones. In regards to the technical platform, there is a tie again as both models have an Intel Atom N2600 CPU.

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