spo-comm at the #nuedigital – Let's introduce our CUDA experts

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As part of the Digital Festival 2019, spo-comm also participates in it for the first time as an organizer and not only as a visitor. Under the title "AI AI CAPTAIN! CUDA goes Artificial Intelligence", we dedicate half a day to CUDA programming technology and what it contributes to Artificial Intelligence. On board are Norbert Kuperjans from PC Partner and Christian Bahrendt from Advertima. Here is a small view of who we are looking forward to!

Norbert Kuperjans from PC Partner

PC Partner is a leading manufacturer of computer electronics based in Hong Kong. The main products of the company are graphics cards, motherboards and Mini-PCs. As one of the industry leaders, PC Partner leverages its exceptional R & D capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to continually bring new products and innovations to market. The goal of PC Partner is to stay one step ahead of the industry.

Norbert Kuperjans always had his fingers in the pie wherever a graphics card was not far away. From his first job at NEC Germany GmbH as an application engineer in the area of ​​displays and graphics cards to the technical marketing employee at ATI Technologies (today AMD). During nearly 10 years at ATI, Norbert and his team had been able to establish the ATI and Radeon brands in gaming, and have inspired most of the PC manufacturers for the Radeon graphics. In recent years at ATI, he headed the Technical Marketing Department and was an authorized representative of ATI Technologies Europe GmbH. After ATI no longer marketed graphics cards, but only the GPUs, it has pulled him to PC Partner in Hong Kong, the manufacturer of ATI graphics cards. As a business development employee, he and PC Partner were initially able to win back the PC manufacturers for the PC Partner graphics cards. After a few years, the portfolio was expanded to graphics cards from NVIDIA. In the further course the portfolio was extended by Mini-PCs for the home and office employment and for 5 years also PCs in the range Embedded, Digital Signage and industrial PCs. A special strength here are the PCs with dedicated graphics, with which PC Partner clearly differentiates itself from the competition with its brand PCP Solutions. Norbert is on board of PC Partner for over 15 years now.


Christian Bahrendt from Advertima

Advertima AG was founded in 2016 and today, with its software of the same name, is the leading AI in understanding human behavior in the physical world and involving customers in real time. Self-learning software uses computer vision, machine learning, and big data to interpret the look, movement, and context of people in real-time. Advertima's customers use the Smart Retail, Smart Signage and Smart Building applications to capitalize on five key areas: 360 ° customer insight, greater reach and retention, increased revenue, greater loyalty and online and physical connectivity World. The 40 employees of Advertima, which come from more than 20 nations worldwide, serve customers from offices in Switzerland (St.Gallen, Zurich) and Germany (Berlin).

Christian Bahrendt is Advertima's Product Marketing Manager and leads market research and marketing communications. He has more than 10 years of experience in product marketing and project management for technology services. He loves to be at the interface between innovation, business units and engineering, which is why he joined Advertima in early 2017. Here, he can combine his diverse backgrounds ranging from digital food retailing to more sophisticated services such as automated data matching or mass customization of apparel. In his past, he was responsible for the product marketing of the Spreadshirt Long-Tail partner business in Europe.


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Christian Bahrendt from Advertima