TRIAD Berlin and spo-comm – info points in the ABUS Brand World

The company TRIAD was founded in 1994 and has its offices in Berlin and Shanghai. The creative agency for spacial communication focusses on the development of projects of any kind – whether it’s a fair, a museum or brand worlds. TRIAD offers the whole range of project development services – from concept design and construction planning to the overall implementation. Turning information in emotion takes the center stage of every TRIAD project.

The ABUS Brand World

The company ABUS Crane Systems is one of the leading producers of hall crane systems in Europe. It was founded in 1965 in Gummersbach in Germany. As time goes by the different branches of ABUS such as cable pull or chain hoist were introduced. With the foundation of the daughter companies in England and Spain the ABUS Crane Systems GmbH already has over 1000 employees.

In 2016 TRIAD designed and implemented a brand world for the company ABUS Crane Systems in Gummersbach. The so-called “KranHalle” (English: “CraneHall”) shows the latest crane technologies in eight different stations and gives the visitor insights of realistic work situations with the ABUS products.

Next to the function of a training and service center the brand world is mostly used as an exhibition room. On an area of roundabout 1600m² visitors can collect information about the various products and services ABUS offers and can even test the crane systems application-oriented on their own. The very highlight of this brand world is an overhead travelling crane exhibit that allows visitors to ride over the area at a height of eight meters.

spo-book KUMO III in rotatable info points

A special eye candy in the brand world are the rotatable info points on which visitors can get information about the different stations. On the one side of this info points, a short text that describes the station is shown and on the other side the info point is equipped with a touch display. On this not only static content but also moving content can be called up.

The main piece of these info points is a well known old friend: The spo-book KUMO III. The spo-comm Mini-PC is directly integrated in these info points and is filled via network with content especially for each output point. Depending on the level of knowledge and interest visitors can call up the content on the touch displays and navigate through it.

The spo-book KUMO series

The KUMO III can easily withstand the expectations of the ABUS brand world. Where an unusual high graphics performance is needed in very small space our Mini-PCs of the KUMO series are the perfect choice. Our latest system of this series, the spo-book KUMO IV convinces our customers of the digital signage field with an nVidia GTX 1060 graphics card. By the combination of this ultra-powerful graphics card, an Intel Core i5 CPU and the robust and compact metal housing almost every task can be solved. This way even Virtual Reality solutions are possible with the KUMO IV. Through two DisplayPort and two HDMI interfaces the Mini-PC is able to play 4K@60Hz content on four independent displays at the same time. That’s not enough? Even 8K@60Hz can be played with the KUMO IV.

Got curious? Here you can read more:

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