A look back at 2023: 20 years of spo-comm

Also this year, we from Marketing won't miss the opportunity to ask our CEO Michael Sporrer about the past year. We asked him how 2023 went, what the prospects are for 2024 and what his personal highlight in spo-comm was this year.

Résumé of the year 2023

Marketing: Hi Michael and welcome to the annual marketing question fairy! How did the past year go from your perspective?

Michael Sporrer: Well, how did the year go? 2023 is still marked by challenges and complications. But we have also achieved a lot of positive things. With internal process optimization, for example, we have already brought many points to a cool level. I would particularly like to highlight the product launch process here. In addition, our product management is now really well established, we have launched many products this year, introduced a new category with the RUGGED tablet and have even more in the pipeline for 2024.

##Discover the RUGGED Tab


Stumbling blocks and hurdles

Marketing: You already mentioned that there were still some challenges this year, can you give us a more detailed insight?

Michael Sporrer: Of course, the overall economic situation also has an impact on us, our customers and partners, which we particularly felt in the second half of the year. The shortage of materials continues to be an issue and causes high costs, although fortunately there is improvement in sight.

New products, ISO certification and strengthening business relationships

Marketing: There were certainly moments or projects in 2023 that you particularly remember. What do you immediately think of?

Michael Sporrer: Of course, I am particularly proud of everyone involved in the company, who endure all the hardships even in such challenging years and give their best every day without losing motivation! The biggest highlights were, among other things, the visit to our partners in Taiwan, where we were able to gain many new impressions and were finally able to personally strengthen the business relationship again. But the launch of our new product range of tablet PCs, in which everyone contributed so actively, was also a highlight in 2023.

I am also very pleased that we have again received ISO certification until 2026. It simply stands for quality and certain standards that we meet.

Prospects for 2024

Marketing: Surely there are already plans for the coming year, right? What can you say in advance?

Michael Sporrer: Our customers can look forward to updates to almost all of our most tried and tested systems, such as our CORE 2. In general, the topic of new products will play a big role next year, and we would also like to expand the tablet variety in our shop. There will also be modular panel PCs as well as an entry-level series for more price-sensitive projects - and of course in the usual spo-comm quality. We continue to work on our internal processes to create more efficiency.

Customer visits from all over the world

Marketing: The topic of customer visits – we’re currently having a few changes there.

Michael Sporrer: We would like to make more and more virtual customer visits possible, both for existing customers and interested parties, to show our products and talk to each other personally, even from a greater distance. As visitors, we are also going to trade fairs more and more to get to know new partners and visit existing customers.  

All in all, we would like to strengthen the personal level with customers, partners and interested parties again.

Marketing: That’s it. Thank you for your time and see you next year!

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