Christmas Countdown - Review of the second quarter

In the second part of our Mini-Christmas countdown, we´re taking a look on the months of April, May and June. This quarter was also characterised by farewells and changes, but above all by valuable time in the team and further successes.

April weather with sunny prospects

In April of this year, Windows 10 Pro was removed from our product portfolio. However, the space in our software selection did not remain empty and was replaced by the newer version - Windows 11 Pro. We explain more about the different Windows versions and how they differ in this this post.


May - time for excursions and certifications

In May, things continued apace and we successfully passed the ISO certification, which ensures that a company complies with certain quality standards. 

Since this season, we are proud to be sponsor of the High-Octane Motorsports e.V.. To mark the occasion, our two trainees Patricia and Maxim were present at this year’s rollout of the Octanes. Many of our student assistants  in production are part of this team and were delighted to welcome us on this day. It was an honour for us to watch them present their FAUmax PI - which incidentally contains a KUMO VI   that supports autonomous driving in the vehicle.

In May, our product portfolio was also reduced by one of our vehicle PCs - the RUGGED GTX 1050 Ti was EOL. 

##More about the Octanes  


June – Team day at spo-comm

Once again this year, we organised a team day at spo-comm, where the individual teams were able to exchange ideas and catch up on the latest developments. The short presentations in the morning showed the progress and successes of the current projects. After this exchange, the afternoon was heralded with delicious food from the barbecue.  

The BOX N4100 has left our product portfolio, but its place has not remained unoccupied. The new BOX N6211  was already in the pipeline and was waiting for its grand entrance at the end of June. The energy-saving Mini-PC in a minimalist design is equipped with an Intel® Celeron® N6211 processor and numerous connections. It is perfect for 4K digital signage applications and all this in a housing measuring just 115 x 76 x 27 mm.

 ##Discover the BOX N6211


With the team day, the visit to Octanes and the ISO certification, the focus in these three months was more on internal topics. A number of new products were already in the starting blocks for the third quarter in 2023 and were waiting to make their grand entrance.  


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13 Jun 2023 products

NEW: BOX N6211 – Successor of our smallest one

The BOX series gets an update with the new BOX N6211, it is the new successor of the BOX N4100. Thanks to the Intel® Celeron® N6211 CPU, integrated 8GB RAM and a 128GB eMMC SSD, the mini PC with various connections is optimally equipped for the digital signage sector.
10 May 2023 know-how

What's new? Octane's rollout, ISO certificate and team building

We were at the rollout of High-Octane Motorsports e.V. for the 2023 season, our ISO certificate was renewed and we’re finally having a teambuilding event.
29 May 2024 know-how

Windows 11 – versions and comparison

In October last year Microsoft released the new Windows 11. As already known from previous licenses, different versions of this operating system are available. It is past time for us to clarify which versions of Windows 11 are available and what it can in comparison to Windows 10.