What's new? Octane's rollout, ISO certificate and team building

We were at the rollout of High-Octane Motorsports e.V. for the 2023 season, our ISO certificate was renewed and we’re finally having a teambuilding event.

spo-comm is ISO certified again!

In our spo-comm headquarter in Nuremberg the ISO audit was on the agenda again this spring. It ensures that companies comply with certain quality standards. It was again successful in 2023! What exactly this ISO certification is, we have already explained in another article.


##What is a ISO certification 


The 2023 rollout of the High Octanes

On Wednesday, 3rd May, our two trainees Patricia and Maxim visited this year's rollout of High-Octane Motorsports, where the new race car for the 2023 season was presented. Some of our student assistants are energetic members of this student association at FAU Erlangen.

As a proud sponsor, we as spo-comm were also immortalised on the new FAUmax Pi along with many other sponsors!

The Octanes enjoy a new KUMO VI, which is installed in the FAUmax Pi and is responsible for autonomous driving.


##More about the KUMO VI


spo-comm team event on the 22nd June 2023

After a long pandemic break, we will finally do another teambuilding event with our spo-comm team this year.   

Unfortunately, we will not be available for you on 22nd of June 2023!

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