What’s New? End of life for WINDBOX and Windows

One of our most popular systems – the WINDBOX III Evo – is end of life. Also, in regards to our operating systems we have some news: Windows 10 Pro is not available anymore. Which alternatives we have for you, you can reaaad in this article.

End of Life: WINDBOX III Evo is now III Ultra

Already at the beginning of March we introduced our latest system in the WINDBOX series. The WINDBOX III Ultra is replacing the WINDBOX III Evo. Just like its predecessor, this model was developed for the industrial field. But also in the Digital Signage field the WINDBOX III Ultra can score with its 2 HDMI and 2 DisplayPorts.

About the WINDBOX series:

The models in the WINDBOX series all stand for true all-rounder PCs. These systems were developed in cooperation with the Taiwanese industrial PC manufacturer MSI IPC. Thanks to the passive cooling, the slim design and powerful processors, these Mini-PCs can be used in industry or logistics as well as in the field of digital signage.

##Configure your WINDBOX III Ultra

Windows 10 Pro is no longer available

Windows 10 Pro (version 21H2) is no longer available from now on. For this version the last security updates will be on June 13th 2023. 
If you still want to equip your spo-comm Mini-PC with an operating system, we have the following options for you:

  • Windows 11: Some of our system can be equipped with Windows 11. These are the WINDBOX III Ultra, KUMO VI, MOUNT Silver, NINETEEN Q370, BOX J4125, CORE 2 and RUGGED Ryzen.  
  • Windows 10 IoT: If you want to equip your Mini-PC with an individually adaptable operating system, Windows 10 IoT is the right choice.

##More about Windows 10 IoT

Do you have questions about our operating systems? Then feel free to contact our customer advisors, they will be happy to help you.

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