Nice to know: What is VESA?

VESA describes a standard for mountings which can be mostly found with displays. By means of these mountings Mini-PCs can be fixed to displays or displays can be fixed to walls. Which VESA standards there are and which of spo-comm's Mini-PCs are VESA compatible you will find in the following article.

What does VESA mean?

The word VESA is an acronym and means “Video Electronics Standards Association”. Its name stands for an organization with the same name. This organization sets the standards for wall-, ceiling- and also display mountings.

How can I measure the VESA standard?

Which VESA standard you need can be found out very easily by measuring both horizontal and vertical distances between the screw centers at the back of the display (or PC).

Which VESA standards are there?

VESA sets three standards, because many displays and PCs have the same standardized measurements.

These are:

75x75 or 100x100 mm
24-inch screen minimum

200x100 and/or 200x200 mm

400x200 mm; 400x400 mm; 600x200 mm; 600x400 mm; 800x400 mm
31-inch screen minimum

Which spo-books are VESA compatible?

•    BOX N2930
•    CORE 2
•    MOVE N3160
•    WINDBOX II Quad
•    NANO H310
•    BRICK J3455E
•    BRICK i3 7100u
•    KUMO V

Do you have any questions about the VESA mounting or our spo-books? Our support team will be glad to help you!

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