Mini-PC product series from spo-comm – digital signage players

The product range from spo-comm offers a numerous amount of Mini-PCs. Searching for a suitable digital signage solutions? One or more displays should be connected? 4K@60Hz or 8K@60Hz? You are spoilt for choice!

spo-book OPS

First of all the spo-book OPS: As the name suggests its size complies by the OPS standard. OPS stands for Open Pluggable Specification and describes the opportunity to plug a Mini-PC into a fitting monitor. This way any Mini-PC can be turned into a smart Panel-PC. If that’s not enough: This minicomputer is equipped with the latest Intel Skylake technology and a 4K resolution. 

Key data:
•    6th generation of Intel Core i5
•    4K content via integrated JAE connector

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4K resolution & space-saving Mini-PCs – The base for our digital signage players

spo-book CORE

With a size as big as a palm of one’s hand this Mini-PC is a true digital signage genius: our spo-book CORE! Through its ultra-compact housing this industrial minicomputer surely fits behind any monitor. Fully equipped our CORE only weighs just 500 grams. 4K content can be displayed on up to two monitors with a recurrence frequency of 60 Hertz.
Need to customize the housing of your spo-book CORE? No problem. Please feel free to contact us.

Key data:
•    Volume: 0,5 liters
•    With Intel HD Graphics 520 4K content on up to 2 monitors

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spo-book EXPANDED Q170

Thanks to its triple display feature and two audio connectors the spo-book EXPANDED Q170 is an optimal solution for digital signage applications. The multi-talent’s generous housing provides enough space for your individual wishes. By installing a Multiview Graphics card up to nine monitors can be connected.

Key data:
•    Up to 2 HDDs or SSDs
•    16x PCIe-Slot

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spo-book ELIX H81

Since four generations the ELIX series combines technical innovations with extra small housings. Therefor the spo-book ELIX H81 provides an integrated graphics card that allows to play 4K content. But what’s also worth mentioning is the adjustable desktop CPU of this Industry PCs. The options reach from Intel dual Core i3 and i5 processors to Intel Core i7 processors with four cores.

Key data:
•    Adjustable desktop CPU from Intel dual Core to 4th generation i7
•    4K content through integrated graphics card

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spo-book NANO series

Since mid2017 part of our product range: The spo-book NANO H110 with a powerful desktop CPU of Intel’s 7th generation and the usual slim metal housing. This Mini-PC was built for sophisticated graphics applications. The integrated DisplayPort makes displaying 4K content possible.

Key data:
•    Intel Pentium up to the 6th generation of i7
•    Intel HD Graphics 530

A combination of the latest Intel Atom CPU and a forceful nVIDIA graphics performance make the spo-book NANO ION 4 a great digital signage solution. The powerful graphics are displayed via HDMI and a DVI-I interface.

Key data:
•    nVIDA GT630
•    HDMI and DVI-I connector

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spo-book KUMO IV

Last but not least: our spo-book KUMO IV. Or as we call it at the spo-comm: The beast. The spo-book KUMO IV is even capable of sophisticated virtual reality solutions. But how is this possible? Thanks to its dedicated graphics card nVIDIA GTX 1060. The 2-fold DisplayPort 1.3 and 2-fold HDMI 2.0b connectors allow playing content with a resolution up to 8K@60Hz.

Key data:
•    Powerful nVIDIA GTX 1060
•    6th generation Intel Core i5
•    Resolution up to 8K@60Hz
•    Control over up to 4 independent displays

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