Securiton & TURO – Safety first!

As a manufacturer of modern security technologies, the Securiton GmbH, a subsidiary of the Securitas group Switzerland, offers a global range of electronic alarm and security systems, video analysis and video management. The brand Securiton stands for custom-tailored security concepts in demanding environments. The system concept, as well as the targeted use of the advantages of the IP world are lived here.


A Mini-PC to support a gapless security system, that provides, next to a high reliability and also longevity, also a demanding performance.  


Product / solution  

All these aspects lead to the TURO, which has a remarkable response rate of less than 1%. Thanks to the powerful Intel Core 2 Duo high-quality video recordings and the simultaneous editing of several processes are no problem.  



By now, the system is successfully used every day and 24/7. It is that reliable, that it is also used in a prison. 

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