Always close to our customers: The spo-comm sales team

Since we already introduced our production and marketing in the last weeks, the series continues with our sales department.

“The customer is king” is sure the motto for every spo-comm employee. And our colleagues in the sales deal the most with our customers. We asked Mustafa Ergin, Martin Wiesneth and Hülya Ergin what they do next to the classic phone calls and writing e-mails.

Mustafa: As a key account manager my main task is to be there for the customer. No matter if via chat, phone or e-mail. In doing so, it’s often about working together on small or bigger projects. Next to calculating prices and personal meetings, also a consistent support during the live phase belongs to this. Things that always have to be done are also the follow-up of offers and taking care of master data.

Martin: Since five years I am a part of the sales team at spo-comm. Requests and orders are daily business. As a key account manager I am, together with Mustafa and our management, often present at fares. Because a close customer relationship is very important for us, we frequently visit them to plan big projects together. Sometimes it is also just about getting to know each other.

Hülya: I am supporting my colleagues as a sales manager since I got back from parental leave. I make order confirmations and with this, also plan the production schedule. As well as my colleagues, I am dealing with the requests by potential buyers and I calculate offers. In addition to this, maintaining our master data is one of my tasks.

What is your favorite Mini-PC?

Hülya: The WINDBOX III EVO, because the PC suits almost every application in the digital signage field. I also really like its modern design. Personally, I would install the WINDBOX in my own home.

Martin: For me, at the moment the RUGGED GTX 1050 Ti is our most interesting product. Not only because the Quad-Core i5 CPU and a GTX 1050Ti are cooled without a fan. Also the various extension possibilities, its vehicle PC features and 7 HDMI ports just make it a multi-purpose Mini-PC. Sure, this has its price, but with the system we push forward into territory which I am also personally interested in: The development of autonomous driving and machine or deep learning, for instance.

Mustafa: I think our KUMO IV is an absolute entertainer. Due to the Nvidia GTX 1060 content in 4K @ 60Hz can be played on up to four displays. And also demanding VR applications are no problem. That’s why the KUMO fits almost every project in the digital signage. For instance the system can be used to scan gender, age or mood of people walking past, which is often used for digital out of home advertisement.

For requests on our Mini-PCs you can contact our sales colleagues Hülya, Mustafa and Martin.

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8 Apr 2019 Array ( [id] => 405 [title] => Content & Conversions: The spo-comm Marketing team [authorId] => [active] => 1 [shortDescription] => In the last article of this series we already presented you the spo-comm production. Today we continue our introduction with the marketing. [description] =>

Our marketing team is currently very mixed: our trainee Chiara Murana, two part-time employees Julia Reinhard and Marina Ardatova, and Michael Otto, who works full-time. To get to know the team and its tasks better, we asked our colleagues a few questions:

What is your job in the marketing team?

Michael: So far, there was almost nothing I didn’t do. As a small team we help each other wherever it is possible. My focus is currently on SEO and SEA. The creation of content, be it testimonials or the creation of landing pages, is also part of my job.

Julia: I’m mainly responsible for content. That means I write press releases and blog posts or proofread them. I also take and edit photos. Together with our trainee Chiara, I also take care of our social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Furthermore I support my colleagues with other marketing topics such as customer surveys and the organization of events or trade fairs.

Chiara: Since I am currently still receiving training, I get to know every area of marketing. Mostly I take care of – as Julia has already mentioned – social media and blog posts. But the creation and dispatch of our newsletter, customer and employee surveys as well as evaluations are also part of my work here.

Marina: I am mostly responsible for Analytics. Besides that I support my colleagues in choosing the right marketing tools such as CRM or an email marketing platform. I also help creating presentations and marketing materials.

What did you do before you started working at spo-comm?

Michael: I come from a completely different field. I originally received a training as merchant for insurance and finance at a large German insurance company. But I quickly realized, that this is not the right thing for me and so I focused on what I like. That’s how I ended up at spo-comm, where I completed a business administration degree on a dual basis.

Julia: I have a Bachelor degree in German philology and a Master degree in Sinology. Now you are asking yourself, what this has to do with Mini-PCs. You are right, actually nothing. Thanks to various internships, I realized at some point that I wanted to do something different and work in marketing and PR. Since I have always been interested in technology and innovations, the mini-PCs of spo-comm came just right.

Chiara: In 2016 I graduated from grammar school. By working in some side jobs, I found out, that I want to work in marketing. Although I never really had anything to do with IT, I began my training in marketing communications in September 2017.

Marina: I studied management, sociology and communications. I started my career with large market research companies. A few years ago I decided to dedicate myself to Digital Marketing which I am really passionate about. After almost two years in a well-known digital marketing agency in Munich I joined the spo-comm.

What do you like most about your work at spo-comm?

Michael: The marketing department of spo-comm was set up only a few years ago. That means for us: We have a huge playground, where we can try out new things. In this way, the employees not only have the opportunity to get to know their strengths and weaknesses, we can thus efficiently divide our work among each other.

Julia: I love that we can mostly work completely on our own responsibility. We can implement our own ideas and constantly improve our processes. That motivates enormously. It is also helpful, that I can work only part-time and occasionally from home. Like this I can achieve my professional goals and spend a lot of time with my son.

Chiara: I think it’s great that I am allowed to participate in all aspects of marketing during my training – right from the start. I also support my colleagues from sales, whenever there is time, to gain experience in various areas.

Marina: Since are a relatively small team, each one of us receives a great overview of all the marketing topics. That way everyone can choose their key activity according to own skills and preferences. In general we have a nice family atmosphere in the company. Our bosses are open to flexible work models which allows me to combine my job and taking care of my daughter.

Which one is your favorite PC?

Michael: For me, our QUADRO P1000 is currently the most exciting. We have just started working with the special programming technique called CUDA and I’m curious to see what it can do next to artificial intelligence.

Julia: If I had to decide for one, then definitely our RUGGED GTX1050 Ti. I am still very impressed that it is possible to cool such a graphics power without using a fan.

Chiara: I would say the KUMO IV. Just before I started here, the system was introduced. For me, IT and mini-PCs were something completely new. Based on the KUMO, my sales colleagues explained to me how such a PC actually works and which components it has inside.

Marina: My favorite Mini-PC is the WINDBOX III EVO. I personally consider Digital Signage really interesting and think that this Mini-PC can perfectly serve the industry: Thanks to its specs it can be flexibly configured and can serve up to three monitors with the same or different content at a same time.

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Content & Conversions: The spo-comm Marketing team

In the last article of this series we already presented you the spo-comm production. Today we continue our introduction with the marketing.
1 Aug 2019 Array ( [id] => 439 [title] => More than just support: Our service department [authorId] => [active] => 1 [shortDescription] => Before our marketing can promote the latest spo-comm Mini-PCs or the sales department can sell them to our customers, the systems have to be tested extensively. But also Mini-PCs that are already in use can sometimes show some hardware or software errors, which have to be fixed. For all of this we have our two colleagues Alex and Werner from the service department. [description] =>

System launches, interface training courses and technique wiki

The daily business of Werner includes, next to the support via phone, also to reverse the testing samples that got send back by our customers. He is also responsible for the technical part of system launches. First of all, he tests the new Mini-PCs extensively, whether the interfaces work or which software is running. If there are any questions he is in contact with our partners from Asia. As soon as the Mini-PC runs smoothly, Werner holds internal training courses for our marketing, sales and production department (at least they are the ones who advertise, sell and assemble the products). Apropos training courses: Werner also prepares regular training courses about interfaces and other technical stuff, for instance about things who were just released. In addition to this, Werner maintains our technique wiki in the spo-comm intranet. Here all colleagues have access to several information, such as data sheets, certificates and features of our Mini-PCs.

Werner as well as Alex are included into big projects with our customers that need special solutions. That means that, together with our sales crew, they also visit our customers at times.

Error analysis, spare components and first level support

According to Alex “no working day is like the other”. He is mainly responsible for the analysis and repair of the incoming service cases – thus, Mini-PCs that don’t work properly for some reason. This service can on one hand be used by our customers, who detect an error in their device. In this case, Alex helps either directly via phone or asks the customers to send the PC to our head quarter. On the other hand, errors can also be found while the PC is being built in our production department. It could be a component, a setting and even something that was caused by our partners in Asia. Alex task is then to scrutinize the PC and, with the help of several tests, to find out what the error is and how it can be fixed. Most times he can fix the errors by himself – if there are heavy problems, for instance with the mainboard layout, it can also be that he has to do a technical drawing for our partners in Asia and a completely new mainboard has to be produced.

Furthermore, Alex is also responsible for the maintenance of our spare parts warehouse. To ensure that all the common spare components are always in stock, he is constantly in contact with our purchasing department, and also with our partners in Asia.

What is your favorite Mini-PC?

Werner: My favorite PC is the CORE 2, which we released just a few weeks ago. I like that this Mini-PC comes from one single source. From the design of the mainboard, to the production to the development of the BIOS everything is made in Germany (or more precisely Bavaria).

Alex: My favorite PC is our RUGGED GTX1050 Ti. The processing and the materials are especially high-quality and it has a very solid and chic design. Although the Mini-PC is passively cooled, it has an enormous high power. In addition, the RUGGED has a versatile BIOS with many functions and it also has a wide range power input.

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More than just support: Our service department

Before our marketing can promote the latest spo-comm Mini-PCs or the sales department can sell them to our customers, the systems have to be tested extensively. But also Mini-PCs that are already in use can sometimes show some hardware or software errors, which have to be fixed. For all of this we have our two colleagues Alex and Werner from the service department.
26 Feb 2019 Array ( [id] => 387 [title] => Screws, barcodes and package tape: The spo-comm production [authorId] => [active] => 1 [shortDescription] => In the next weeks and months we are introducing our team and different departments, so you get to know us a little bit better. Let’s start with the centerpiece of spo-comm: the production. [description] =>

Production & warehouse based in Germany

Most of our customers already know that our Mini-PCs are manufactured in our in-house production in Nuremberg. At the moment the spo-comm has three permanent employees in this department. Their daily business is to book the new goods such as mainboards or housings or components like software into our system. The main task is – of course – the actual production of the Mini-PCs. As soon as an order is placed, the colleagues start to individually manufacture the desired system for every customer. On one hand this includes the assembly of each component, on the other hand the installation of an operating system or special image if requested. Another important thing that is part of the routine is the shipment of the finished Mini-PCs. Since this is done every day from our headquarter in Nuremberg, we are able to guarantee a 1 to 2 days delivery all over Europe.

Temporary job in our production

Year to year the spo-comm is growing. That’s why there are more and more systems to manufacture in our production. Next to our permanent employees we also get help from temporary staff that is working in our production besides going to school or university.

We have asked the two of our stand-ins what they have to say about their job at spo-comm:

Lukas, Philipp, what do you like most at your side job at spo-comm?

Lukas: I would say the great atmosphere. The colleagues are super nice, probably because everyone is being on first name terms with each other. Also, the work at spo-comm is a really good change from my other tasks while studying in the lab. And of course, the flexible times are a benefit while going to university.

Philipp: I felt welcome right away. At the beginning of my job my colleagues incorporated me very quickly. That’s why I could independently manufacture the Mini-PCs after a short while. And if there is something special, I can always count on the help of experienced colleagues.

How did it come you started at the spo-comm?

Lukas: At 13, I built my very first PC together with my brother. I always liked doing this. In addition to my biochemistry studies, I wanted to pursue this hobby further. Since one of my friends, Frederik, works at the spo-comm, I became aware of this job and now I am a part of this team for almost two years.

Philipp: At the moment I am going to a higher vocational school and prior to that I finished my trainee as an IT specialist. To have some practical experiences next to school I was looking for a job in the IT field. As a student I can only work in the afternoon. Pretty cool that it’s not a problem due to the flexible working times at spo-comm. Also my school is just around the corner.

Which Mini-PC do you like working on the most?

Lukas (quick like a shot): The NANO H110. It is such a beautiful and organized system. Also I have the possibility to install every single component such as the CPU, the fan and RAM.

##Visit our spo-comm team site!


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Screws, barcodes and package tape: The spo-comm production

In the next weeks and months we are introducing our team and different departments, so you get to know us a little bit better. Let’s start with the centerpiece of spo-comm: the production.