What’s new? New spo-comm warranties and delivery problems of PC chips

The Corona pandemic now as before keeps many fields of the industry busy – amongst others the manufacturers of computer chips. What are the consequences for the spo-comm products and what does that mean for our customers? Also, as part of our new website and online shop we want to present our new warranties.

The spo-comm SysCare Packs 

As part of the redevelopment of our website, we also reviewed and edited our guarantee extensions for the spo-comm Mini-PCs. Like that, they are designed way less complicated than before and our customers have the possibility to adjust the benefits to their needs. 

We provide the two service levels Basic and Premium, which are both available in a duration of 2, 3 or 5 years.  

spo-comm SysCare Basic: 

  • Bring-In service during the complete term  
  • Exchange or repair of defective systems during the complete term

spo-comm SysCare Premium: 

  • PickUp & Return service during the complete term 
  • Processing within 2 working days during the complete term 
  • This warranty extension is available only within the European Union

The different warranties are displayed on each product page on our website under the point "Warranty" in the configurator. If you are already signed in to your account, you can instantly see the prices here. If not, you can also send us a price inquiry.

##More information about our warranty services

Current delivery problems and forecasts 

The whole year 2020 was shaped by delivery problems in various fields, from furniture to PC components. In December heise.de was already concerned about problems until well into 2021 (article is in German). 

After an intense exchange with our partners such as MSI IPC, we will probably be facing some challenges in this year, too.  

Thanks to our big warehouse in Nuremberg and the assembly of our Mini-PCs in Germany, we are able to have a certain stock available so that we can still ensure short delivery times. Nonetheless, bigger projects need more planning security. To assure a punctual delivery of our Mini PCs, we recommend our customers to talk with our key account managers about their required amounts and, if possible, make a forecast. 

Another consequence of the delivery shortages is an increasement of the prices. Up to a certain point we can carry these by ourselves, but in this case, we have to pass them on to our customers.

##Contact spo-comm 

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