EOL: The RUGGED GTX 1050Ti is leaving

After a long and steady period in our product portfolio, one of the spo-comm RUGGED PCs is leaving us.

Since the MXM GTX 1050 TI GPU is unfortunately no longer available, we have to say goodbye to our RUGGED PC.

The RUGGED GTX 1050Ti stood out especially due to its robust and passively cooled housing. In addition, it shone with full operational capability at temperatures of -40°C to +70°C and a wide range power input of 9 to 48 volts, which is particularly advantageous for use in vehicles.  

Alternatively, the other PCs in the spo-comm RUGGED series, the RUGGED Ryzen and the RUGGED Q170, are suitable for his areas of application, both of which, with their wide-range power input of 9 - 48 volts, are optimally suited for applications in the vehicle and outdoor areas. The RUGGED Ryzen stands out again with its AMD Ryzen V1807 CPU.

If you have any questions regarding a replacement product, feel free to contact us:  

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