Multi-monitor – How to: Duplicated screen and extended desktop

In relation to some of our digital signage Mini-PCs the term “multi-monitor” is often mentioned. There are many different subitems behind this pretty complex topic which we want to present you in this new series. Today we want to show how to duplicate your screen and extend your desktop.

Basically, it should be noted that a PC can only control as many monitors as it has multimedia interfaces. Depending on the type of interface, CPU and graphics card the resolution of the content can vary. Our spo-comm Mini-PCs are all equipped with at least two multimedia ports.

What is a duplicated screen?

A duplicated screen is literally just a screen that is doubled on to another monitor, which means that on both displays the same content is shown. But also the reflection on a TV or a projector is possible.

How To: To duplicate the screen the first step is connecting and setting up a second monitor. In case of a Windows-PC press the key combination “Windows” and “P” and then choose the option “Duplicate” (see picture 2, second selection from the left).

What is an extended desktop?

The difference between an extended desktop and the duplicated screen is that the former one doesn’t double the display. On each of the connected monitors a different content can be seen.

The biggest advantage of an extended desktop is that it creates more working space. On one of the displays can be worked actively and the other one can be used as a storage area – just to give an example. Also video walls that are used in the digital signage field count on the extended desktop. Because they are controlled by more powerful graphics card, you can find out more about this topic in one of the upcoming articles soon.

How To: As well as for the duplicated screen another display has to be connected. The key combination is also “Windows” and “P”. By selection the option “Extend” Windows creates a blank desktop on the second screen on which programs and tabs can be moved now.

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