Product series of spo-comm Mini-PCs - network applications

In the past few weeks we have been introducing you our product series in more detail. Both our digital signage players and our Mini-PCs for the fields of industrial control and vehicle computing were introduced. This time we would like to discuss the application of mini computers in the area of networking. Our product range offers the spo-book TECH QUAD and the spo-book NINETEEN Q170.

spo-book TECH QUAD

With the small dimensions of just 219 x 40 x 151 millimeters the spo-book TECH QUAD can be placed easily even when there’s not much space. This Mini-PC is passively cooled, its control lamps are on the front and the diverse connectors on the back which makes it perfect to install the PC into server racks. The TECH QUAD is compatible with a lot of operating systems and thereby offers numerous software solutions. An Intel Quad Core processor and up to 8GB RAM let this Mini-PC master very high requirements. The most important feature are the 4 GB network ports with each one Intel controller. Besides that the spo-book TECH QUAD has a bypass-function on two LAN ports which makes it possible to implement fault tolerant filters and loggers.

KeKey data:

  • 4 GB network port
  • Compatible with Windows 7 or 8, Windows Embedded and Linux
  • Size 219 x 40 x 151
  • Bypass-function on two LAN ports

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spo-book NINETEEN Q170

The name of our spo-book NINETEEN Q170 comes from the possibility to install the PC into 19 inch racks using optional slide rails. The housing of the NINETEEN Q170 with the size 483 x 40 x 390 millimeters provides enough space to put a 16x PCIe expansion card and/ or an optical drive into it. Not just one 2,5” or two 3,5” hard drives, but also up to three SSDs can be installed in the NINETEEN Q170 and offer overall a storage of several terabytes (see also “What is the difference between HDD and SSD?”). Those who value security can also configure the storage media to use RAID (see also “What is RAID?”).

Key data:

  • Installing up to three SSDs with several terabyte storage
  • Optional RAID level for the hard disks
  • Fits into 19 inch racks using slide rails

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Any questions left? Feel free to contact our team, we will be happy to answer your questions and make the right choice!

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