The product series from spo-comm - control cabinet PCs

With the release of a special Mini-PC, a completely new product series has opened among the spo-comm Mini-PCs. From industrial control to Digital Signage to the WINDBOX or MOVE series, a lot was already presented on our blog. But what is still missing, are the Mini-PCs for control cabinets.

Mini-PCs for control cabinets

Control cabinets bring certain challenges to a PC. From a variety of connections to the power input or special DIN-Rail mounts to install the system, they must overcome various challenges. The following of our Mini-PCs overcome these challenges with ease:

The MOUNT Silver

The MOUNT Silver is our first Mini-PC dedicated for the use in control cabinets. It impresses with a variety of connections, a fanless cooling, an extended temperature range from 0°C to 50°C and a low power consumption. Thanks to the space-saving dimensions of 160 x 118 x 63 mm, this Mini-PC can easily be installed in control cabinets. Our MOUNT Silver features a fixed DIN-Rail mount, which was previously only available as an option.

Key data:

  •     Fanless cooling
  •     4x USB 3.0, 4x COM
  •     Dimensions: 160 x 118 x 36 mm
  •     DIN-Rail mount integrated 

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The WINDBOX-Series

The Mini-PCs in this series (WINDBOX II Pro and WINDBOX III EVO) are characterized by a varied application area, reliability and their attractive price. Because of the low power consumption and passive cooling, the PCs find their place in the industry, but also Digital Signage or logistics. With the WINDBOX-PCs, the DIN-Rail mount can be optionally ordered as an extension.

Key data:

  •     Allrounder-PC
  •     Up to 3 independent displays
  •     Slim and fanless design

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The BRICK-Series

With their robust housing, passive cooling and up to six COM interfaces, our industrial PCs of the BRICK-Series embody the ideal Mini-PC that can resist tough conditions. By the way, the BRICK-PCs can work completely silent with an SSD. Fields of application are also very diverse, regardless of whether machine control, data measurement or control cabinet. The DIN-Rail mount can also be optionally ordered as an extension.  

Key data:

  •     6x COM, 2x USB 2.0, 4x USB 3.2
  •     40 Watt power consumption
  •     Fanless cooling
  •     Dimensions: 155 x 200 x 55 mm


##Discover the BRICK-Series

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